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A friend of mine has been running SEO services for a few years now. He has just launched a new site  SEO services. Since I have lost my Google PR from changing server types, windows to linux (it’s not a myth). I was PR 4 Right before I switched and less than a month I lost all my hard work. I decided what can I lose by finally hiring to do my SEO for me ? Nothing in fact I’ll gain some time. I just switched from a windows to a mac and I have to say the SEO software I accustomed to on  PC is just not available on the mac at this time. Time to do my own PHP code (again). Anyways, I degress. I hired to do my SEO services this week after one of my other sites hit number one on google in around 7 days! It was almost too good to be ttue. If your site has content and is W3C complaint contact them today. Their prices wont last long as more and more customers realize the value of great seo.

Want to know who should have hired his services ? ToysRUs pays $5m for toys domain. After they bought the domain they reported lost traffic and creditibility with google for transferring the domain to a new registrar. looses google ranking. moved to number one for after hiring thier services. After spending years reciprical trading with no avail they have since shut down thier link trading and re-focused and more traditional SEO through thier services. This in tandem with updating thier site to follow strict W3c Standards, adding a wordpress theme store, new articles and tips will help them be successful in this down economy. offers unique wordpress themes for around $150 a theme and premade themes for around $45 a theme. Thier new premade theme store will be online April 1st.

In other news just hired Dan Salcedo the new Communications Manager. This up and coming dedicated server company started in 2008already has a google PR value of 6 and is tough competition for other dedicated server companies. Give them a call today and tell them we sent you. Check out their new service Beta launch!- SingleHop on your iPhone

More web hosting news coming soon.

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